The Power of Cloud Refresh and the Impact on Community Transport

Jun 18, 2018 | Product

Road XS community transport software has come a long way since 20th September 2016 – yep version 100! (or 1.0).  Through our Cloud Refresh programme we are constantly improving the software, moving it forwards, reacting to how your community transport services evolve.  It’s part of makes sure Road XS adapts to an ever changing requirement to better serve you.

Our software releases focus on delivering requested features from the Road XS community as well as improving existing workflows and processes in the existing software and squashing those pesky bugs, sometimes with a sledgehammer!  Cloud Refresh ensures anyone who joins Road XS doesn’t end up with the same software they started with – to be honest why should you!  Technology is all about doing more with less so that you get time to focus on more important tasks.

We update via the clouds but always reach for the stars

Thanks to Cloud Refresh, transport providers can now automate their invoicing, reschedule journeys, spot important tasks, provide a driver’s portal, manage journey schedules, get detailed reporting, increased security and more  – all of which are processes and modules built around specific requests from the transport providers.  None of this existed back in 2016 I can assure you, but that was the first step, the first step to building the transport software that will help support your services at a price which works no matter how large or small your services.

If any of you have read our report ‘3 Dangers Facing Community Transport Services’ you will see how Road XS saves you thousands of pounds, and hours of time – essentially time which would be money wasted by staff managing mundane tasks which Road XS handles with ease.

Understanding Two Factor Authentication: A Comprehensive Guide

With the introduction of GDPR on May 25th earlier this year, we set about going above industry standards and increasing security throughout Road XS, without disrupting your day to day activities.  Not all volunteers have smart phones for example, so not all of you can use two factor authentication easily.  Use email I hear you say!  But not all volunteers have emails either.  Ah, a problem then given how modern two factor authentication generally works without increasing costs to the customer.

Well it’s not a problem with Road XS.  We all have a responsibility to protect driver, passenger and staff data so we set about building in some new security features to counter the users who do not have access to two factor authentication or struggle with advanced computing tasks.  It means you will be able to gain greater control who has access to your information and at what time without over-complicating matters (something security generally does).  We can’t go into too much detail about security features, but you will soon be able to set how you access the software, from where and for how long.  In an early test we tried logging in whilst having a coffee off-site.  We were well and truly booted-out and were locked out of Road XS, just like we had designed the security feature to work.

The Road XS approach to software is quite unique, but we realised early on if we don’t listen to what you need, we’ll never be able to build you the software you need to work better with less resources.  Technology never stands still, so neither do we.  Whilst we update via the Cloud we are always reaching for the stars.

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