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Aug 29, 2023 | Product

One of the key elements of any transport booking system and bus booking software is to quickly and easily make and manage booking requests with ease.  It’s a fine balance between capturing the correct information relating to the booking and keeping the steps required in the booking form as short and as quick as possible.

Road XS offers one of if not the best user experiences when it comes to transport booking software available. This is because you can quickly select from your passenger lists as you create the journey as well as see automated departure times which greatly reduces the planning time involved.

You can make individual bookings, keep track of bookings and if you operate bus services, integrate the software as part of your bus booking process all of which are popular with the end-users managing busy transport operations.

The Road XS transport booking software is used by varying transportation providers such as community transport operators, school transport, patient transport and commercial transport operators. This is partly because we assist in reducing operational costs with our fuel-saving technology. We are also easy to use and offer detailed booking reports in real-time and the most user-friendly experience.

This all helps to reduce stress, time and transport costs and supports an efficient transport operation. It can even help you manage transport bookings outside business hours too as the software can be integrated into your website to offer 24/7 booking capability.

Any transport management software must be easy to use, but we’ve made it our mission at Road XS to create the best user experience possible. Our experienced team are able to take complex real-world situations and instil them into easy-to-follow, intuitive workflows in a friendly interface.

Whichever transport booking system you choose, an online transport booking system will enable you to operate from the office or from home which gives you greater flexibility. In using an integrated platform such as Road XS you can bring everything under one roof and have your own transport software operating system.

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Highlights of Road XS Transport Booking Software You’ll Love Using

Whilst Road XS comes with many features, some of these features relating to booking transport journeys are listed below. Our goal is to make sure you make each booking as seamlessly and easily as possible whilst also reducing human error at the same time.

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Simple Booking Facility

Road XS offers a simple booking process which is easy to follow and complete. For each journey, you capture only the information you need and we ensure you don’t miss entering vital information as you make a booking. This reduces human error but also captures all the required information to generate details insightful reports at the same time. This means you don’t have to spend time generating booking reports and only need to focus on the booking of journeys at the start.

Depending on the journey being created, whether it’s for community transport, school transport, or even public transport, the Road XS modular integrated transport design caters for the individual data requirements of the passenger including route planning and route optimisation.

Simplified Booking Management

In most cases, door-to-door bookings start by picking the passenger up from their house and for this reason, we deliberately set the default location to the passenger’s home address. There is no point wasting time re-entering it when 80% of the time it will be from the passenger’s home. This is an aspect of transport that remains common throughout and features in our community transport management software suite.

Road XS also functions as an automated scheduling software as it optimises driver and vehicle availability based on passenger requirements too. This is helpful for individual bookings and keeping track of bookings and who is available and ready to take further bookings.

By operating using the built-in passenger portal, you can also offer your passengers a place to view and make transport bookings at a time that suits you. This reduces your office calls reducing admin work and staff time too. You can also enable this to work to take bookings outside of your usual business hours and reduce operational transport costs. This is also one of the hidden benefits of transport management software not often discussed and is something not often offered on the community transport market and can be of great assistance with your community transport project. It also opens up your services to a wide range of potential customers/.

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Payment Sources Per Passenger

Road XS treats each individual passenger journey as unique. This means that each passenger can have their own ‘fare’ or potentially dispensation added to their journey. Based on this data capture, Road XS can also provide you with transactional booking reports on how many journeys have been completed per payment source. It also enables you to configure multiple payment gateways per transport service offered too. This is particularly helpful to any transport business that wants to streamline the collection of fees through online payments. This also means that you can monitor transaction fees and any booking transaction and acts as a bus ticket booking system too.

Multiple Pick-up and Drop-off Points

You can very quickly set multiple pickup points and drop-offs, and this is largely thanks to our ‘Smart Route’ technology. With Road XS, your favourite locations are linked to your global search locations and this makes route management an instant occurrence.

This means that your favourites appear at the top of the list and anything more custom is quickly found underneath too! As streets and towns evolve, so does Road XS, but this doesn’t mean it should take you any longer to find your frequently used locations.

One of the nice fast entry features is you don’t have to type in the whole name of the location you are looking for, and you can just type in the postcode to perform a postcode lookup. All of this is handled with the easiest transport booking software available.

Getting Them There On Time, Every Time

Road XS has made it easy to add the appointment time (or arrival time). This means you can manually override the time required for the passenger so that they are never late. If you were to add another passenger to the journey, Road XS ensures each passenger is picked up in plenty of time to ensure neither or late and Road XS also automates this for you so you don’t have to predict anything manually. This can speed up the scheduling process and help optimise any bus route too, especially if you are delivering demand-responsive transport services.

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Carers and Mobility Aids

You will notice that each passenger or customer can also be accompanied by a carer and you can select which mobility aids the passenger is travelling with. This means that the software finds the appropriate vehicles and drivers in order to be able to assist with the transportation on the day. After all, you wouldn’t want someone who requires a wheelchair being picked up by a Smart Car!

Recurring Journeys Made Easy

Part of any transport booking software booking system’s core is the ability to handle schedules and repeat journeys. Road XS provides you with a simple workflow and you can select from multiple options to ensure journeys are replicated how you need them. This saves any transport operator lots of time. You can also name your schedules so they can easily be found too. Not only that, you can create a route and give it a name at the same time! This way you can easily add and remove passengers from the route as you wish. Again, this saves you time for re-creating the trip and also shows up in your booking reports.

Vehicle Tracking with GPS

To assist with live-tracking journeys, you can use the web-based mobile app included with the driver and passenger portal. By enabling the GPS tracking of the device, you can see where the vehicle’s location is and keep an eye on which pickups have happened and what’s yet to come.

This can assist with the bus booking process too as you can automate the additional passengers being added and see if vehicles are available or not in the local vicinity. This is also a key feature of any reputable bus booking software.

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Ongoing Developments

We have a service called Cloud Refresh. This is our upgrades service whereby we are constantly improving the Road XS service. This means as we learn more about what the transport industry and market need, the better our services get for everyone. We listen to customer feedback and adapt the platform accordingly. This supports any business model and business development activity for commercial transport operators. We help grow a customer’s business reputation.

Road XS is a bit like a transport operating system where everything you need to manage your transport services is held in one place from bookings to communication with customers and drivers.


Hopefully, this article has shown you some of what’s possible with Road XS, the affordable transport scheduling software. If you would like to know more and to see how easy the Road XS transport booking software is to use, book your free demo today and we will be more than happy to show you how powerful Road XS is and how much time you can save. Alternatively, you can contact us, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about transport software.

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