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Sep 10, 2018 | Product

Transport software should be accessible from anywhere.  We often hear that transport software in the cloud enables us to work from anywhere – but is this actually now a reality or still just a fad and marketing gimmick? We decided to put this to the ultimate test, and headed to the Isles of Scilly, one of the remotest corners of the United Kingdom.

What is Transport Software?

Transport software, which is also called transportation management system (or TMS for short) is a form of software platform that uses technology to help transport operators and businesses to plan, execute, and organise the movement of people such as via community, commercial and public transport services, or the movement of goods such as food, cargo and other forms of commercial activity. Transport software will provide a visible insight into day-to-day operations and take away the headaches associated with operating a manual system, especially if the services are busy and seeing large demand. The software will streamline operations and help get more out of existing resources.

Immediate benefits of using a transport software over a manual system such as paper of spreadsheets include:

  • The ability to see operations in real-time
  • Work better as a collaborative team allocating tasks and keeping in control
  • Route optimisations calculating time, distances and operational costs instantly
  • They maximise efficiency and streamline standard business workflows
  • Reduction in data entry errors
  • Real-time reporting to help evaluate assess service levels to make informed decisions
  • Extended capabilities and tracking such as via GPS trackers to increase safety and transparency
  • The ability to work remotely and across numerous devices
  • increased data security and compliance
Why Use Road XS?

There are a whole host of other benefits, but this names some of the key ones.

Early transport software was known as on-premise software.  This usually meant the software was installed on a local server and you had to be in the office to access it.  You couldn’t just login from home and carry on from there.  This often lead to support issues too and if anything went wrong would lead to increased systemic downtime which would affect business continuity and service levels.

Cloud based transport software often runs from a SaaS model (Software as a Service).  This means that the software resides in the cloud (which is still a server just a remote one it’s literally in a cloud), and all you need to do is login remotely to the software typically via an internet browser.  Everything you then need to perform your task reside within the browser.  Updates and maintenance becomes an automated process and happens in an instance.  All you need is an internet connection and device to access the internet and away you go.

Our transport software is called Road XS and is an innovative and forward thinking software as a service solution.  Initially built as a community transport software the software enables you to book journeys for passengers, allocate the nearest available driver and manage your vehicles and fleet (and a whole lot more, see features here) all from the comfort of your desktop, laptop or tablet device. You are not limited to working from one computer, which means anything you do on one device updates in real-time on another. This is great for teamwork, and it also means you can work from home as well as in the office (depending on your security settings).  Due to the technology in the transport software and platform, it has now evolved into a patient transport software platform too helping the NHS operate in a more efficient way.

Understanding Two Factor Authentication: A Comprehensive Guide

But do you really need to be able to work on transport software from anywhere? Well, it’s 2018 so yes! The arrival of cloud technology and new security legislation such as the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018, mean standards are now in place to support the end users – you. This includes setting the standards for security protocols and capabilities to protect your data and how you process it.

Now is the time to adopt the cloud based solution, and here’s why. The world and required data networks has caught up! We are now so used to being able to login from anywhere and receive updates on the fly, that anyone still working from a redundant model (software installed on a PC only) are now at a great disadvantage.

Here’s just five (of many reasons) to switch to a cloud based transport software like Road XS:

You Can Literally Work from Anywhere with Our Transport Software

So long as you have the correct data allowance, you can literally work from anywhere. This week one of our team is travelling through Cornwall at meetings and is literally able to work from the Isles of Scilly, the furthest south-west point of the UK. Believe it or not, 4G coverage is all over the islands and it’s already business as usual, just the view is a little different and rather nice! Yes, the cover image for this blog post is indeed the Isles of Scilly – Porthcressa beach on St. Mary’s.  The screen is off for the photo due to the reflection, but I can assure you they were connected using a 4G connection and loving life!

Route Planning Made Easy for Improved Transport Services

Business Continuity Gets Easier with Transport Software like Road XS

With transport software based in the cloud, your business continuity planning just got a whole lot easier. If you work from one PC and the PC crashes, you can just hop onto any other device and work from where you left off. All the stress of re-installing your software, data, logins are all taken care of. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection! Cloud based transport software also ensures your core business processes are all set and ready to go, so even if a member of staff is ill they can pick up where they left off.

Updates On the Go!

No longer do you have to install arduous software updates – everything is ‘pushed-out’ to you. Whilst you’re sat at your desk, one moment you have version x running and the next you magically have version y. It’s never been easier to update your transport software, workflows, or planning transport management!

Improved Service with SaaS

With a SaaS solution (software as a service) like Road XS, your service continues to get better and better. The software you start with is not what you end up with. This enables you to continue receiving on-going value, for as long as you use the software product. Whilst not all updates may relate to your services, other updates might which greatly improve your workflow, processes and resource allocation. With Road XS you can also request for improvements to be made and all bugs get handled on your behalf as a matter of urgency. What could be better!

Route Optimisation with Smart Route Technology

Evolving Support

Very often support gets left behind and people find it difficult to use new software and updates on it. With Road XS we have developed the Road XS Support Portal which continues to grow overtime as new features arrive and the software evolves. Unlike the traditional print- outs and hand-outs you get, which are then set in stone, our Road XS support portal keeps you informed, even with mini-revolving video guides.

Road XS is the perfect transport software platform to help grow, maintain and sustain your transport services. Utilising the latest cloud and security technologies, our entire goal is to improve, enable and connect other transport providers together so that they can provide the best possible service to their passengers in the most efficient and cost-effective way.  We can confirm that with a mobile data connected device and a minimum 4G network, you can indeed work seamlessly from anywhere.  What will your view be?…. Why not let us know

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