Unlocking the Potential: 10 Ways to Use Road XS

Nov 14, 2021 | Product

Navigating the complexities of community transport services can be challenging, but Road XS offers a comprehensive solution tailored to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Here, we explore 10 practical uses of Road XS, showcasing its versatility and value in managing transport services. From remote operation capabilities to real-time data reporting and advanced technology, Road XS is designed to support the growth and adaptability of your transport services.

Whether you aim to expand your driver pool or require robust journey management, Road XS delivers the tools needed for seamless transport operations.

Why Use Road XS?

1. Operate Remotely

Road XS is a cloud-based platform that enables you to manage services from any location, ensuring seamless operations even if your office moves.  All updates happen seamlessly via the cloud and you have nothing to install on your workstations other than an Internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

2. Seamless Growth and Mergers

Easily expand or merge your transport services with ease using the service area module.  This enables you to control who sees what information and enables you to collaborate with your local community too.

3. Real-Time Route Planning

The built-in route planner allows dynamic adjustments, providing accurate pickup times, journey costs, and distances, ensuring transparency for passengers and operators.  This helps communicate easily with passengers and also saves you hours each day from manually calculating the most optimised routes by the rules you set.

4. Broaden Your Driver Pool

Pool drivers from various locations while maintaining precise reporting, enhancing operational efficiency and cost savings.

5. Live Departure Boards

Stay informed with real-time departure boards, giving you a clear view of all ongoing activities and enhancing control over operations.  You can even use the Action Board to focus on the most important tasks required.

6. Detailed Data Reporting

Access to up-to-date service data is crucial for meeting funding requirements and maintaining transparency in community transport services.  This includes postcodes district reports and a wealth of information to show how your services are being utilised.

7. Sustainable Pricing Model

Road XS’s pricing structure suits transport providers of all sizes, allowing you to integrate costs into your pricing mechanisms without incurring significant expenses.

8. Comprehensive Journey Management

Charges are per passenger for the entire journey, not per leg, resulting in substantial cost savings compared to other software providers with the technology being offered.

9. Mobile and Tablet Apps

The Road XS apps allow your drivers and passengers to integrate your services into their lives with ease.  For those less technology confident, you always have your call centre and can manage everything on their behalf with ease.

10. Driver Portal

A dedicated portal for drivers keeps them updated in real-time, allowing them to manage their allocations and select journeys closest to their location, saving time and increasing efficiency.  Using the app drivers can show their last known location and, get directions to their destination or next stop, with the integrated navigation system.

Road XS Features


In the ever-evolving landscape of community transport, Road XS stands out as a pivotal tool for enhancing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.

With features such as real-time route planning, remote operation capabilities, and detailed data reporting, Road XS ensures that transport services are not only managed seamlessly but also optimized for future growth. Its sustainable pricing model and comprehensive journey management further underline its value.

Embrace the future of community transport with Road XS—contact us today to discover how our platform can transform your transport operations, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and growth.

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