Case Study

British Red Cross

The Red Cross wanted a transport platform that would enable them to grow at scale to kickstart their community transport services.  Road XS provides them an integrated transport platform which evolves overtime and enables them to absorb our costs, so they can focus on scaling their transport services.


Increased Journeys


Cost Savings


Passenger increase


The Red Cross had seen a drop in the number of passengers who were using their community transport services in the area. This left them with a high software overhead yet no real income to justify the high software licence fees. They approached us based on our pricing model and the features we offer to allow them to grow their services following a drop in demand. The British Red Cross also wanted to become sustainable and more efficient long term, whilst ensuring their services could continue to grow and expand at scale in the future.


We installed Road XS on our cloud servers, enabling the Red Cross to migrate their data to Road XS whilst still operating their services. They were able to immediately benefit from the new features offered in Road XS not found in other transport software vendors increasing their location accuracy, record handling and insights from our live reporting platform. With all support material provided online, they were able to begin operations immediately with no on-site training required saving additional costs for the organisation.

Road XS is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution and this allowed them to remain operational during the migration period with no disruption to their services during the changeover.

The transport team are able to work more efficiently from our user-friendly design and simple workflows to stay on top of their increased journey demand creating journeys much faster and easier than before. Our built in journey tracking features and estimated fees ensured nothing got missed and our records reminder service made sure all driver records were kept up to date raising operational standards.

The transport team has also introduced more features of Road XS including the built in driver portal which allows their drivers to pick and choose local journeys and track their location via GPS in real-time. This also reduces the admin work required when booking journeys on the system meaning the admin team can get more done in less time.


The Red Cross now operate and depend on our integrated transport platform which will evolve with them over time. They will be able to take advantage of all new features on the platform moving forwards and remain in full control of their services from any location securely.

The Red Cross have been able to kick start their community transport services whilst absorbing our fees into their service, providing them a sustainable platform for growth.

After just a few months of using Road XS their passenger numbers had increased 514% and journey totals had jumped 217%.

“Road XS provides incredible value for money. Packed full of features and at a price any organisation can afford, with Road XS you will get an easy to use software which delivers on its promise to provide transport services at scale.

Rex Martin, Red Cross