Reducing Social Isolation

Keeping Communities Engaged

Social isolation is lack of contact between an individual and a community.  This differs from loneliness which is a more temporary state.  Social isolation can affect people at any age and symptoms are unique to the individual.  At Road XS we’re helping enable communities and allowing people to get back involved in society by attending events and social occasions supported by community transport services.

Tackling Social Isolation

Keeping Individuals Engaged

Social isolation can affect anyone at any age.  It can build up gradually for an individual and it can last for many years and in some cases become a chronic condition.  This can affect a person’s entire life.  Symptoms can include developing a constant sense of loneliness, lack of hope, fear of others and develop into a poor self-image and low self-esteem.  In rural areas, this is compounded further by the lack of transport available to be able to see family and friends easily.

Social isolation is a state of being cut off from our social networks which can happen to any of us at any time.  It can be caused by lack of physical mobility, unemployment and health issues which cause people to stay at home for long periods of time.  This means they have limited access to services and community involvement with limited contact with family and friends at a time when they need it most.

At Road XS we work with transport providers to enable people to attend events which keeps them fully engaged with their social networks, family and friends.   We have seen the difference Road XS makes to people’s lives by ensuring they only pay for mileage appropriate to their journey by finding the nearest available driver and also by ensuring the right vehicle shows up on site at the required time. 

We have also seen how despite advancements in technology, it is vitally important that people leave the comfort of their own home and attend events with others.  Video conferencing and Facetime just don’t reap the same results.  The benefits of even just being on a journey with someone else can make or break someone’s week by just having a conversation en-route.

Road XS offers you the platform to expand your services and events so that people can get to them and become fully engaged in the community.   

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