Road XS is your perfect partner.  With Road XS you gain complete control and save yourself time and money with automated processes.  Never again do you need to use paper, nor lose an invoice with our fully integrated invoicing platform.

With all the data protection changes coming into force in 2018, we’ve also got you covered.  From the moment you use Road XS you are meeting your compliance requirements over how you protect your passenger and driver data, as well as how you process and secure it.

With our graphical route planner, you can see in an instant where passengers are heading along with automated pick-up times and journey time estimates.   This includes covering minibus journeys and passenger manifests.  The beauty is that minibuses and car schemes seamlessly integrate as one, meaning you can setup whole departments to manage specific journey types and routes.

The cost saving benefits of Road XS are huge.  Not only is there no up-front cost, but Road XS also tracks down the fees owed by your drivers and passengers.  The auto generating invoice system which has multiple options, will even manage all your invoicing for you saving you a huge amount of time.

Car sharing and dial a ride journeys are all easily managed by adding passengers simply into the vehicle spaces.  It’s never been easier or more fun to manage your transport services with Road XS.

The report generation process in Road XS is superb.  The dashboard provides instant stats and detailed comparison reports including in the future hot spot areas on how used your services are in particular area and where you drivers are clustered.  Never before has so much data been able to be presented in a such a clear cut manner – which enables you to make better decisions about what’s happening with your services.

Why not give Road XS a try and request a demo – you’ll be amazed at what it can do for your community transport services.

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