Road XS Joins Up to Tackle Rural Isolation and Loneliness

We are pleased to announce that since December 2018, Road XS (OJE Technology) has been working with Box Clever Digital on a GovTech challenge in Monmouthshire to tackle rural isolation and loneliness. The challenge was launched last July and focuses on digital solutions to combat loneliness and rural transport deprivation. It aims to enable people to help each other. The whole challenge aligns perfectly with our vision of working together collectively to solve some of the UK’s most pressing issues relating to transport.

The summer launch stimulated interest from 100 companies and over 50 applications were submitted with positive ideas to tackle and alleviate loneliness and isolation. The five successful companies (which we are part of) all have a shared interest in using digital methods to connect communities to the things they need, and the technologies to be developed include apps, websites, online channels and text services. We are exploring how to integrate with existing channels such as landlines, voice responsive technologies and cloud technology to ensure accessibility for all and are also examining vehicle tracker data, existing resources and open data sources to improve services and enhance wellbeing.

We have been able to define, develop and test solutions to public sector problems through innovation and emerging technologies. The fund is part of the government’s wider SmarterGov campaign, launched to drive innovation, create savings and improve public services.

Monmouthshire is a semi-rural county in south-east Wales with a population of 93,000, where journey times on public transport to local services can exceed two hours. We are working with community transport providers in Monmouth to see how the current Road XS platform can be used in conjunction with technology being developed by Box Clever Digital to bring down journey times, save passengers money, enhance social inclusion via ride share and more! The data which is already being collected has provided unprecedented insight for the area and we’ve only just got started.

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We’re really excited about how this challenge will help develop community transport services and the Road XS transport platform to better serve the general public in Monmouthshire and beyond.

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Jan 24, 2019 | Technologies