Route Optimisation with Smart Route Technology

Route optimisation is more complex than simply finding the shortest path between two points. Sometimes, simply considering the number and location of stopovers on the route is not enough to create a comprehensive plan that factors in all relevant information.

Just providing an estimate for your arrival time windows will not give you the outcome you need if all factors in calculating a route are not all completely accurate.

This is why Road XS has optimised several factors that are instantly calculated when optimising any route using our Smart Route Technology.

These factors include:

  • Arrival times
  • Passenger loading times
  • Passenger transit times
  • Vehicle capacity limitations
  • Road speeds
  • Average road traffic delays

All of this is calculated without having to do anything manually.

Demand Repsonsive transport with road xsBenefits of Route Optimisation

Road XS route optimisation is one of the most advanced in the industry.  The smart route technology enables transport operators to provide accurate estimated times of arrival and deliveries for goods.  This can help provide timely and personalised service and keep passenger stress levels to a minimum whilst waiting for a journey to arrive.

Reduced Mileage

Route optimisation can reduce the mileage a vehicle travels.  This reduces a vehicle’s fuel consumption, bringing down the cost for the transport operator.

Increase Efficiency

By increasing the route optimisation and optimising passenger and parcel deliveries, you are able to get more from your existing resources.  This improves the productivity and throughput of your services so that you can cater for more passengers and deliveries without needing to increase your capital expenses in acquiring more vehicles.  It also increases your time efficiency as you are not spending time driving in a direction that is wasting fuel consumption.

Route optimisation with Road XS is much better than manually planning every route, which is time-consuming and energy-sapping. When you scale up your passenger numbers, having to manually work out all the pickup and drop off points along with the metrics mentioned above can take too long, and you reduce the number of passengers you can cater for on any given day.  You also improve your service delivery as you can accommodate more passengers in your local community.

Route Optimisation Increases Accuracy

With route planning, you can obtain a greater accuracy over your vehicle arrival and deployment times.  This enables you to provide better customer service as well as keep passengers better informed regarding the daily running of your services.  Using our route optimisation software reduces the risk of human error in your day-to-day planning and streamlines your operations whether you are working from the office or at home.

Instant Reaction to Events

If a driver calls in sick, a vehicle breaks down or a journey gets completely delayed, you can quickly adapt your transport services.  Transport software enables you to adapt to your daily operations without needing to think about route optimisation and saves you lots of manual time in recalculating everything.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Ready

With technology moving at a record pace within the electric vehicle market, optimising the routes used by your vehicles becomes more important than ever.  With a battery depleting every mile you travel; more emphasis needs to be placed on ensuring you are getting the best-optimised route for your journey.  A misstep here or there can result in unnecessary battery depletion.  Using Road XS route optimisation means you can maximise your “electric miles” and go further for your passengers.

Ready for Route Optimisation?

If you want your transport booking and journey management to become seamless, then contact us today, and we can show you what’s possible with our Smart Route Technology.