Cancer Scare Inspires Development of Revolutionary Transport Software

Apr 12, 2024 | Stories

A new booking app that focuses exclusively on the transport needs of individual passengers has been developed after a trip to the dentist turned into a potential life and death trauma.

Olly Kemp, director of OJE Technology and founder of Road XS, recalls how his father Kim Kemp, now aged 70, drove to his dentist in Monmouthshire in 2013 to finally have his wisdom tooth removed after intense pain. After a general anaesthetic, the tooth was surgically removed leaving behind a wound.

However, after a few months, the wound was not healing, and the pain continued. Kim booked a follow-up appointment and the dentist took a scan to check everything was well. What followed was a life-changing experience.

Olly said: “My father was quickly booked in for a biopsy and a nervous two-week wait followed. During this time family and friends were understandably concerned but provided reassurances that all would be fine. Sadly, things were to get much, much worse. The biopsy result came back. The result showed that Kim had a slow-growing, most aggressive form of cancer that anyone could have. He had an adenoid cystic carcinoma in his sinuses.

“The operation that followed lasted 14 hours but it was successful and my father was home in time for Christmas. Further treatment was required afterwards including six weeks of radio therapy which started in 2015 and that’s when he travelled to appointments on community transport despite feeling awful.

“I wasn’t aware community transport even existed but my dad’s story made me realise it’s all about the passenger and getting people where they need to be during the worst and scariest times of their life.”

Fast forward, and OJE Technology have developed the Road XS transport software, which now includes a custom booking app, for a new, on-demand bus service for Chesterfield, Bolsover and Northeast Derbyshire that takes residents anywhere within Chesterfield, Bol-sover and Northeast Derbyshire.

The service, Travel Derbyshire on Demand, is funded by the Government as part of Derbyshire’s Bus Service Improvement Plan.

Unlike a traditional bus service, it does not have a fixed route – passengers can simply travel between any two points within the operating area at a time that best suits them.

Passengers need to book to use the service, which is available for all sorts of journeys, including going to work, the shops, college, medical appointments and leisure trips to see friends and family or a day out.

Olly, said: “Today, Road XS is supporting community transport providers up and down the country and has been adapted to support modern, forward-thinking public transport services using our demand responsive transport (DRT) technology.

“Since launching Road XS we have constantly come across stories just like my dad’s. I am also pleased to say that despite these stories (which sadly are all too common), we have been able to get many more people to their cancer treatments, medical appointments and events.”

Roads Minister Guy Opperman said: “Local people deserve a modern, dependable, and affordable public transport system and I am delighted to have worked alongside the local council and local MPs to give Derbyshire County Council over £47 million to boost its bus services.

“Part of our £2bn to improve bus services in England, this is a fantastic result for passengers across Northeast Derbyshire who will now be able to order their own bus service to suit their needs, getting around more easily and with greater peace of mind.”

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