People Aren’t Parcels

Feb 22, 2024 | Stories

In the world of community transportation, the difference between a passenger’s satisfaction and frustration often comes down to the tools used by transport managers.

Most transport software treats individuals merely as items to be delivered, neglecting the passenger experience and failing to consider the complexities of human-centred route planning. This often forces operators like Toby to rely on cumbersome manual processes and outdated tools.

This story shows how this is no longer the case, and that manual route planning is a thing of the past, enabling Dial-a-Ride and Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services to operate smoothly whilst also handling the complexities of each individual passenger’s needs.

Toby’s Challenge

Toby, a dedicated transport manager, operates a Dial-a-Ride community transport service across a sprawling urban area with a fleet of 5 minibuses.

He manages all bookings through phone calls, painstakingly planning each journey a week in advance using spreadsheets and manual mapping tools like Google Maps. Each booking is a time-consuming puzzle, balancing passenger schedules, vehicle capacity, and route efficiency.

As the number of passengers increases, Toby’s system becomes unsustainable. Mistakes in timing lead to missed or delayed pickups, causing frustration among passengers and immense stress for Toby.

Despite his best efforts, his rudimentary tools cannot keep up with the growing demand, and Toby faces the daunting prospect of declining service quality or even having to turn away passengers due to inefficiency.

Cancer Scare Inspires Development of Revolutionary Transport Software

The Search for a Solution

Determined to find a better way, Toby scours the internet for advanced transport software.

He encounters numerous options, yet they all fall short, still requiring manual input for routes such as manually working out pickup times and then manually entering the times into the software often via a calendar view or worse, operating from outdated postcode areas providing inaccurate transit times, all the while saying they optimise routes.

Just as he’s about to give up, he discovers Road XS.

A New Era of Dynamic Transport Management

road xs dial a ride software.png

“Road XS represents the future of community transport—efficient, responsive, and human-centred.”

Road XS immediately stood out, with its sleek, modern interface and comprehensive feature set.

It is the only platform that fully automates dial-a-ride and demand-responsive transport services, integrating advanced route and vehicle optimisation technologies that also consider the human aspect of each journey as well as mobility requirements, virtual bus stops and door-to-door pickup.

Intrigued, Toby schedules a demo and quickly realised that Road XS is not just another software—it’s a transformative tool that will revolutionise his operation with:

  • Instant Integration: From the moment he starts using Road XS, Toby can immediately add passengers to routes during booking calls, providing accurate pickup windows directly communicated via SMS.  Indeed in the future, he could even let passengers book themselves via the Road XS passenger portal if he wished.
  • Dynamic Route Optimisation: Routes automatically adjust to new bookings, optimising travel time and efficiency in real-time as well as factoring in human transit times.  This previously tedious task now happens in seconds, dramatically reducing Toby’s workload and stress.
  • Driver App: Road XS includes a driver app that provides precise navigation to each pickup location, eliminating the need for Toby to offer directions. This app ensures that drivers are always on the most efficient path, improving punctuality and service reliability.
  • Operational Insight: With Road XS, Toby gains access to real-time reports and analytics, offering insights into service efficiency and allowing him to demonstrate value to funders and local councils.
  • Cost Efficiency: By maximizing route efficiency and vehicle utilization, Road XS allows Toby’s service to handle more passengers without additional vehicles or staff, ensuring sustainable growth.

A Future-Proof Solution

road xs future proof solution

Road XS has not only solved Toby’s immediate operational challenges but has also equipped his service to scale responsively to demand.

It represents the future of community transport—efficient, responsive, and human-centred.

For other transport managers facing similar challenges, Road XS offers a compelling solution that promises not just to meet but to exceed the needs of both operators and passengers.

Join Toby in embracing the future of transport with Road XS, where technology meets human needs with precision and care.

Discover Road XS today and see how it can transform your community transport service just like it did for Toby.

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