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There have been several updates at Road XS recently and one of the things which is often overlooked is support.  Well the good news is we have re-launched our support portal and it now makes it easier than ever for customers and people interested in Road XS to find out more about the service.

You can now start a conversation via our Live Chat button and if you need support, simply email directly.  This centralises all issues no matter where we are.

Getting support shouldn’t be difficult and this latest update makes it easier than ever.  We also use this service for capturing feature requests and any bugs in the software too.

The value of support is often overlooked and although people are nervous about sending us bugs we love them! We see them as an opportunity to improve the software and to take it forwards.  Sometimes a bug isn’t an error, it might just be a niggle and so often from a small niggle we find a better way of working, and the software improves as a result!

The Road XS Cloud Refresh service is the programme which underpins the updates to Road XS.  It is always working and updating the software and enables you to do nothing at your end.  When we push out an update you suddenly see the software working in a whole new way!  That’s the magic of cloud!  Our new support portal integrates with this and makes it easier for you to get in touch with us relating to anything around Road XS.  We love hearing from you!

If you have any questions about Road XS support or the service and software in general, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!  Why not even start a conversation with us at the bottom right hand side of the screen?

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