How to Use Road XS for a Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is a great time to get involved in some festive good will, fun and relaxation (eventually).  However, community transport providers often find themselves busier than ever as they meet an increasing demand for transport from the middle of December right up to Christmas.  Now is the time to plan ahead and make sure that this Christmas is different for your transport services.

Take a Look at the Data

Road XS provides you historical data to analyse how busy your transport services were this time last year.  From the reports dashboard, you can see which day of the week is your busiest along with the general trend for demand for transport services.  If you are not sure how to use the built in reports in Road XS, or would like a preview, then click here.

Get the Volunteers In

After looking through your data trends take a look at where you might want to bring in some extra staff or volunteers.  You could even plan ahead and run a campaign to recruit more volunteers.  Christmas is a great time to associate good will with good times and an enjoyable office environment.  Especially when the decorations go up.  You could even have an event ‘dressing the tree’ so people can see how you work and the work you do.  Christmas is full of ways to bring people together.

Reconnect with Your Drivers

Why not get the drivers in for some Christmas cheer!  After all … we’d all be lost without them.  It’s a great time to reconnect with them and find out any concerns they have about your services or any way in which Road XS could make their lives easier (don’t forget to let us know in the Road XS Community).

Schedule Journeys in Advance

When you catch up with your drivers you can find out which ones are willing to travel during the Christmas period.  There might be some passengers who need to get to see family they haven’t seen for a while or through the year and it’s easier to know in advance how many drivers are available during the Christmas period than taking journeys from passengers you just can’t do.

Use the Driver Portal and Availability

Let your drivers know they can use the Road XS Driver Portal to let them know if their availability during the Christmas period. This will prevent them receiving phonecalls or emails from you during the Christmas period.

Take Action

Make the most of the Road XS Action Board and get ahead on the urgent tasks to get ahead.  It’s never been easier with Road XS to know just which actions you need to perform next which also have the greatest impact on your services.

Close Early, Work Remotely

Why not close early and then work remotely on the last few days leading up to Christmas?  You can use Road XS outside the office with the correct security enabled and work as if you’re in the office to keep your eye on things.  If you stop taking bookings a little earlier than usual it also gives you time to catch up.

Christmas is coming as quick as ever, and with a little planning it doesn’t have to be the usual rush and panic.  With Road XS features you get to enjoy the Christmas period just like you should.

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