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The Road XS Difference

The world of transport is changing, and to keep pace, you need software that not only solves today’s challenges but also adapts for the future.

transform you transport services with road xs

Transform Your Transport Operations with Road XS

At Road XS, we leverage cutting-edge technology to facilitate seamless transport operations. Our platform is equipped with intuitive and innovative features that streamline your services, saving you time and resources, as well as offering a user-friendly experience that stands unmatched by other transport software available.

Available via the cloud

Road XS has been developed from day one using the latest cloud technologies, meaning you can operate from the office, home or a hybrid setup with ease. No matter where you are you can access your vital information securely.

road xs built for the cloud

A beautiful design that’s even good for your brain

Road XS has been designed with the user in mind. No matter your IT skills ou will be able to use the software with ease, and what’s more, we’ve designed it deliberately to reduce cognitive load, stress and to provide you with some fun along the way too.

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Safety first

In using Road XS you are also helping to improve the safety of your drivers and passengers.  With our What3Words inegration we ensure you can pin point locations as well as know the location in the event of an accident. We also ensure your driver records are kept up to date too.

pinpoint locatons in road xs

Unlimited admins, passengers, drivers and vehicles

We don’t want to stand in your way, and for this reason you can have unlimited users and vehicles when using Road XS. New influx of volunteers?  No problem!

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Helping the environment

With our technology we are always improving our algoithms to optimise your routes which continues to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet.

road xs environmental responsibility

Passenger and driver portals that work for you

Our beautifully designed driver and passenger portals mean that you can open your services up to your passengers and drivers whilst staying in complete control.

driver portal road xs

Saving your passengers and drivers money

Our technology means you can find the nearest available driver in an instant for any passenger journey. This ensures your passengers pay less and that only drivers with the right vehicles, mobility support and accurate records show up as an option for a journey.

driver lookup road xs

A scaleable integrated  transport platform that grows with you

You never know what’s around the corner, whether it’s a new contract, increased passenger demand or simply opening up a new service.  With Road XS you can do this quickly and efficiently and get a birds eye view of your operations in real-time.

road xs scaleable transport technology

Modular by design to support a flexible approach

Sometimes you might just need a tweak here or there, be it a custom report or complete workflow. With Road XS we make this possible thanks to our approach and design.

Custom Reports

A fresh look all year round

We believe you should have a bit of fun when managing your services, so throughout your day, Road XS will change with you. At key events and seasons through the year our software interface automatially adapts to give you a current, fresh and fun design.

road xs themes

One software for all

In subscribing to Road XS you are joining a community of transport operators who are working with us and always providing feedback on how we can improve Road XS. This helps to always improve the software and keeping you ready for what’s ahead in the future.

one software for all

Road XS has more than 850 features

Case Study

Red Cross

The Red Cross needed a transport platform that would enable them to grow at scale to kickstart their community transport services. Road XS provides them an integrated transport software meaning they can focus on growing their transport services.