Transport Booking Software That’s Easy to Use

Community transport services fundamental core is getting passengers to the right place, at the right time, for the right price. This involves carefully managing each individual passengers’ requirements and finding a driver close enough to them (to save passenger costs) that can cater for the passenger’s needs.

There are several steps involved in each individual passenger booking which includes:

1) Discovering and collecting the passenger’s appointment needs

2) Collecting passenger contact information

3) Assembling trip and journey details

4) Planning the route to take

5) Finding the nearest available driver to reduce costs

6) Processing the data securely and legally

7) Collecting fees for the journey to maintain service sustainability

8) Reporting on the journey provided

Whilst a paper diary system can do the job, you can’t deliver a streamlined service when you scale up the journeys over time. You will not be able to ascertain performance data in real-time which will greatly hinder any opportunity of achieving additional funding and assisting with any marketing messages.

Road XS is a transport booking software that’s incredibly easy to use. Each of the core functions are covered with automated workflows. This means you perform repeatable repeatable tried and tested steps for each appointment you take. This ensures you meet the highest standards day in, day out – even when things get busy!

There are numerous transport booking software solutions available, but none like Road XS. This is because Road XS was built from the ground up as transport booking software. There were no addons, it was always made for you. The easy design, modern approach means it can be used by anyone, of any computer skill. All that’s required is that you follow each step and complete the data entry fields. In following the appointment booking workflow you fulfil each of the 6 steps outlined above in a matter of minutes. You can also recall any journey and repot data in a matter of seconds!

Clients who use Road XS have reported increased productivity, reduced overheads, reduced stress and a platform to meet increased demand.  The platform ensures you don’t need to be tied to your desk and can respond in a moments notice to any eventuality.

If you want to manage your transport services using the easiest transport booking software available, feel free to contact us. With Road XS there are no setup fees and you can be up and running in no time, using just what you want to use.

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