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Transport booking software is one of the key elements to any transport software and enables you to quickly and easily take bookings. Well in Road XS, we made it our mission to make this as easy as possible. Not only do we make it easy, but we also make sure you capture all the relevant information you need to ensure your passenger arrives on time, safely and to the right place.

Take a look at how easy and quickly it is to book a passenger onto a community car scheme journey in Road XS:

Quickly Create Journeys (Click to Enlarge)


In the above example, Road XS performs as the perfect transport booking software. Not only can you quickly select the passenger who is taking the journey, but you can quickly add further options to support reporting and destination data.

Transport Booking Software to Speed Things Up

Did you notice how you can quickly ensure the passenger is picked up from home? In most cases, door-to-door bookings start by picking the passenger up from their home, and for this reason we deliberately set the default location to the passenger’s home address. There’s no point wasting time re-entering it when 80% of the time it will be from their home right?

Payment Sources Per Passenger

You will also notice that you can set a payment source per passenger too. This means that each passenger can have their own fare or potentially a dispensation added to their journey. Based on this data capture, Road XS can also provide you with real-time reports on how many journeys have been completed per payment source.

Multiple Pick Up and Drop Off Points

You can very quickly set multiple pickup points and drop offs, and this is largely thanks to our ‘Smart Route’ technology. With Road XS, your favourite locations are linked to your global search locations (powered by Google). This means that your favourite locations appear at the top of the list and anything which is more custom is quickly found underneath too! As streets and towns evolve, so does Road XS, but this doesn’t mean it should take you any longer to find your frequently used locations. One of the nice fast entry features is you don’t have to type in the whole name of the location you are looking for, and you can just type in the postcode too to perform a postcode lookup.

Getting Them There On Time, Every time

In the latest release of Road XS, we have made it easier to add the appointment time, or rather arrival time (as we now call it). This means you can manually override the time required for the passenger so that they are never late. If you were to add another passenger to the journey, Road XS ensures each passenger is picked up in plenty of time to ensure neither or late – oh, and by the way, Road XS does this automatically for you!

Carers and Mobility Aids

You will notice that each passenger can also be accompanied by a carer and you can select which mobility aids the passenger is travelling with. This means that the software finds the appropriate vehicles and drivers in order to be able to assist with the journey. Afterall, you wouldn’t want someone who requires a wheelchair being picked up by a small car!

Recurring Journeys Made Easy

In the latest update of Road XS, we have made recurring journeys a breeze. You can select from a multitude of simple options to ensure journeys are replicated as you need them, saving you hours of time for frequent trips. Not only that, you can create a route and give it a name at the same time! This way you can easily add and remove passengers from the route as you wish. Again, this saves you time and means you don’t have to keep re-creating the trip!

The latest updates in Road XS are really taking things to another level in terms of automation and machine learning. Our job is to make your life as easy and error free as possible as we know how complex community transport can be, especially given the number of variables involved.

If you would like to see how easy Road XS is to use, book your free demo today and we will be more than happy to show you how powerful the latest updates of Road XS are. We are confident Road XS will be your favourite transport booking software of all time.


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