Transport Routing Software that Pinpoints Locations

When planning your journeys, you will come across some obscure locations (most likely in rural areas) and it’s important that any transport routing software includes a manual override of any address suggested.

This enables the transport manager or operator to pinpoint the exact location of a pickup, bus stop, drop off point or nail down exactly a remote location is on a map.  Without getting exact locations your mileage estimates are thrown off.  With Road XS, no matter what location you’re trying to find we’ll get you there.

How Does Transport Routing Software Work?

Believe it or not, transport routing software is more complicated than you might think.  On the face of it you pick someone up and drop them off.  But they also need a driver allocating to them and a vehicle which is available to enable the trip to happen.  Once you know the key points of the journey you can then enter in multiple pickup and drop offs accordingly.  But then you also must factor in vehicle load totals as the journey happens.  We’ve made sure this all happens at the click of a button.  I mean, why should you do that all in your head?  That’s why you use Road XS after all!

So our transport routing software works out the optimal route based on all the variables so that you don’t have to.  We do this by using a mapping engine and our built-in algorithms to instantly calculate all outcomes of the potential options and then present you with the most useful one to deliver your immediate journey needs.

Once the route has been established, we then bring together the full picture of what is also happening around this journey to see if the vehicles and driver options can be optimised further once we have considered the availability of each.

Secrets of Exceptional Bus Transport Software

What Are the Benefits of Transport Routing Software?

Without transport routing software you are needing to manually calculate all route variables which time is not only consuming but also inaccurate, because eventually your services will grow so much, you’ll be out of your depth in working out all the trips required.  Here’s just a few of the benefits:

  • Automated route calculations
  • Estimated mileage and costs
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • reater use of resources
  • Faster journey creation
  • Better team cohesion
  • Better understanding of service usage
  • and more!

It’s likely you won’t see the benefits of transport routing software until you have tried it.  There is nothing like our features out there as we have developed it with the end user in mind to make your life as easy as possible.  Why waste time on something we can do for you?  Your time should be spent finding out your passenger needs and entering the journeys into the software one after the other.  Once the route has been entered you can learn key performance indicators to then make better decisions about how to utilise your transport services even better across the area you serve.

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Feb 11, 2019 | Technologies