Introducing Blended DRT: Seamlessly Fusing Dial-a-Ride and DRT Services Together

May 6, 2024 | DRT

In the ever-evolving landscape of public transport, innovation remains paramount. Road XS has pioneered this direction (and the name “Blended DRT“) by developing groundbreaking Blended DRT (Demand Responsive Transport) software.

This new software update combines the traditional community transport Dial-a-Ride service with modern DRT approaches, resulting in a user-friendly, fully optimised service that supports home pickups, virtual bus stops, passenger apps, and driver apps with integrated navigation.

The best part of this approach is that you can run the services together or your Dial-a-Ride and DRT services separately—the choice is now yours.

You can also choose to run your call centre as normal and combine bookings via our app – or pick and choose which you want to run.  The app is extremely helpful for when the call centre is closed such as weekends and late evenings, but the call centre provides the necessary bridge for those who do not have access to technology.

This article delves into the features and benefits of this innovative solution, exploring how Road XS is reshaping the future of community transport.

Understanding Dial-a-Ride and Demand Responsive Transport

Community transport operators and users will be familiar with the term Diali-a-Ride, but subtle differences exist between it and the more modern take known as Demand-Resonsive Transport (DRT).

Dial-a-Ride: A Traditional Approach

Dial-a-Ride services have long been a staple in community transport, particularly for individuals who require additional assistance, such as the elderly or those with disabilities. These services offer door-to-door transportation, providing a vital link to healthcare, shopping, social activities, and more.

The primary challenge with Dial-a-Ride has been its operational efficiency and scalability. It traditionally relies on manual scheduling and fixed routes.

Demand Responsive Transport (DRT): The Modern Twist

DRT is a flexible public transport solution that adapts to the real-time needs of passengers. Unlike traditional fixed-route services, DRT allows passengers to book rides via mobile apps or online platforms, dynamically adjusting routes based on demand.

This approach enhances efficiency and accessibility, making public transport more appealing and practical for a broader audience.

New DRT Service Launches with Road XS

Road XS: Blending the Best of Both Worlds

Road XS has ingeniously merged the strengths of Dial-a-Ride and DRT to create a comprehensive solution that solves many issues. This hybrid approach leverages the personalised service of Dial-a-Ride with the technological advancements of DRT, resulting in a highly efficient and user-centric transport system.

Key Features of the Road XS Blended DRT Software Solution

Benefits of Road XS Blended DRT Software

This new technology brings several benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Enhanced Accessibility
    By combining home pickups with virtual bus stops, Road XS ensures that transportation is accessible to everyone, including those with limited mobility.
  • Improved Efficiency
    Dynamic scheduling and integrated navigation optimise routes, reduce travel times, and lower operational costs, making the service more efficient for operators and passengers.
  • User-Friendly Experience
    The intuitive passenger and driver apps simplify the booking and navigation processes, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. However, as the system supports separate and combined approaches, you can also easily provide call centres to support those who need extra care.
  • Scalability
    The Road XS, Blended DRT software, is designed to scale, accommodating the needs of both small community transport services and larger public transport networks.
  • Sustainability
    The system contributes to lower carbon emissions and a greener transport solution by optimising routes, reducing unnecessary travel, and reducing massive amounts of time as everything is automated.


With its innovative software, Road XS has set a new benchmark in community transport. By merging the personalised, door-to-door service of traditional Dial-a-Ride with the dynamic, technology-driven approach of modern DRT, Road XS offers a comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly transport solution.

This hybrid model enhances accessibility and convenience for passengers and improves operational efficiency for transport providers.

As the transport industry continues to evolve, Road XS stands at the forefront, driving change and setting new standards for the future of community transport.

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