Why Use Road XS?

Road XS, now a leading community transport software, offers the best user experience to manage your community transport services.  It can either operate as it’s own standalone transport provision or within a wider county offering segmented service areas.

Here’s 10 reasons why you should take a look at Road XS:

1) Low Cost, High Performance

We know budgets are tight, but we also know how stressful and complex your services can be to run.  This creates a problem.  You need complex solutions without the finance to fund expensive solutions.  This is where we help.  We have developed this current edge transport software for you which means you don’t have to fork out thousands upon thousands of pounds for a custom community transport software yourself.

2) Integrated Car and Minibus Schemes

With Road XS you can manage your car schemes and minibus schemes together.  Everything works seamlessly so admins don’t have to go to different areas, it’s all managed in one place.  Every process is integrated together so it’s easy to stay on top of all your journeys.

3) The Best Route Planning

Road XS intelligently plans your routes even when you add new passengers into a journey.  It automatically works out estimated pickup times and arrival times based on who is on the route.  Best of all you can add anything to the route there and then and update the route in real-time later.  Everything gets updated there and then leaving you confident and in control.

4) Driver Portal

Road XS also comes with a drivers poral where drivers can login and access their journeys, and allocate themselves to journeys they want to take, and refuse journeys they don’t want to take.  This saves a lot of time for the admin staff.  The best part is, drivers can only take journeys which are nearest to them so they don’t steal journeys from other volunteer drivers.

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5) Beautifully Designed

Road XS offers the best user experience.  No matter what your computer skills you will be able to use Road XS.  The interface has been tested on ages 25 through to 80 and everyone was able to use it and follow it easily.  Visually, Road XS is so clear that you know exactly what needs doing with all vital inofrmation displayed.

6) One Point Data Entry

You only need to enter the data on your passengers, drivers and journeys once.  The system builds a profile on the passengers and drivers in the system and enables you to update the information quickly and easily ensuring you meet your data protection requirements.

7) Intelligent Driver Suggestions

The system will provide you a list of suggested drivers based on the passenger’s destination address.  This saves you having to scroll through all the drivers in the system.  It also works it out very quickly and saves the passenger money as they don’t need to pay for drivers who are further away than they need to be.

8) Real-Time Instant Reports

You don’t need to create your reports manually anymore – Road XS takes care of this for you.  Each journey and event is data which can be used to create interesting reports such as top 10 drivers, popular destinations, total miles, detailed break-downs and more!  The best part is it’s all just a click of a button.

9) Road XS is Fast!

If you operate a paper based operation currently you know how important it is to keep all your papers in order.  With Road XS these papers turn into interactive forms with real-time journey mapping to bring your journeys to life.

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10) Destination Boards and Timetables

You can see what’s happening any day of the week in real-time on the live destination boards.  You can also see which office is doing what if you have more than one office and click into get details of the journeys.

11) Recurring Journeys

Recurring journeys are handled easily.  You no longer need to create each journey individually, if it happens frequently you simply pick from the multiple recurring journey options and Road XS intelligently plans them into the schedule.

12) Admin and Mileage Fees Handled

The system provides estimated journey miles and appropriate fees as you go.  This means you get complete estimates on passenger journey distances and driver distance and time.  No more guesswork!

13) Car Share and Group Journeys

Managing passengers in Road XS is a breeze, be it for cars or minibusses.  You just have to know who’s travelling and Road XS does the rest.  It’s a really slick workflow and one of the key benefits of Road XS.

14) Fast Instant Search

Each journey can be found almost instantly via the instant lookup via journey ID, telephone numbers, passenger and driver names and more.  This makes operating Road XS whilst taking  a phonecall the best.

15) On-Going Updates via Cloud Refresh

Road XS is fully supported and just keeps getting better and better.  You can find out what’s new here.


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