Road XS Cloud Refresh: Making Transport Software Better for All Our Users

Feb 14, 2023 | Product

At Road XS, we’re constantly striving to improve our transport software for all of our users. That’s why all our users have access to the Road XS Cloud Refresh Module. This module brings new features and enhancements to our software automatically.

Once you start using Road XS our work doesn’t stop there. Any reported bugs are dealt with as a matter of urgency, and we have an interactive community area where any bugs or feature requests can be sent. The software gets better all the time this way and you keep getting more and more value from the software.

What is Road XS Cloud Refresh?

Quite simply, Road XS Cloud Refresh is the mechanism by which you receive your software updates.  You don’t need to install anything, they just happen automatically on your behalf.  You’ll notice our update beacon flash and you’ll see the latest update we’ve released with an explanation.  It’s that simple.

Why does Cloud Refresh matter?  Because software updates and improvements are important.

The Importance of Software Updates and Improvements

Software updates and improvements are critical to the smooth and secure operation of any computer system. Here are a few reasons why:


One of the most important reasons to keep software updated is to address security vulnerabilities. Software developers are constantly identifying and patching vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. Failure to apply updates can leave your system vulnerable to malware and hacking attacks.


Software updates often include improvements to performance and stability. Updates can help fix bugs and optimize code to run more efficiently, leading to faster and smoother operations.


As new technology is developed, software updates can ensure that applications remain compatible with other systems and platforms. This is especially important in today’s interconnected world where devices and applications often rely on each other to function properly.


Software updates may also introduce new features or functionality that can improve the user experience or enhance productivity. These new features can provide users with new tools and options that were not available in previous versions.

 How We Compare to Other Transport Software?

Road XS is a cloud-based transport software that has been designed to make the lives of transport operators and their customers easier. We are committed to providing the best possible user experience for all our users, which is why from day one we released and developed our Cloud Refresh service.

One of the key benefits of Road XS compared to other transport software providers is our ability to offer complete flexibility. Whether you’re looking for a simple transport workflow or one which is highly complex, we are able to adapt the platform to meet your requirements.

Automate Your Invoicing

At our heart are the end user and passengers and that’s been behind the ethos of our software.  After all, if the software is difficult to use and didn’t have bug fixes in place then the experience would not be fun for anyone.  That’s why we are always working on the software to keep providing you with the best experience possible and to keep saving your passengers money, and transport team time.

Implementing Customer Feedback and Features

You run busy transport services.  We build software.  Combine the two, and you get fantastic transport software in Road XS.

From day one, we have continuously listened to our customers and kept on providing new and exciting features to the software.  Our approach has meant that we provide innovative features that are not seen in other software solutions and many have even copied us (which we take as a compliment).

Working together this way we have helped save lives and improve the work lives of transport managers as we automate tasks such as invoicing and payments and provide solid workflows to keep teams collaborating no matter whether they are based at home or in the office.

Why Customer Feedback is Important

Customer feedback is critical for any business that wants to improve and grow, and transport software is no exception.

Here are some reasons why we take customer feedback seriously in Road XS:

Discovering the Needs of Our Users

Customer feedback can help our software developers understand the needs of our customers better. Feedback can be used to identify areas where the software needs improvement and new features that users would like to see added to the platform.  We provide software to transport operators and you know what you need and that’s why we’re here to give you the best solution possible.

Improving the Transport Software Functionality

Customer feedback can provide us valuable insights into how well the software is performing. This feedback can be used to identify bugs and glitches in the software, which can then be addressed by our developers to improve the functionality of the software for everyone no matter how large or small the operations are.

Enhancing the User Experience

Feedback from customers can help our software developers understand how users interact with the software and identify pain points or areas where the user experience can be improved. This can lead to changes in the user interface, better navigation, and a more intuitive design, all of which can enhance the overall user experience.

Increasing User Satisfaction

By listening to customer feedback and making improvements to the software based on that feedback, we can keep improving user satisfaction levels. This isn’t always just your transport team, but it could be your passengers, drivers, funders and even your suppliers as transport runs deep within numerous areas of any organisation.

A Passenger Portal with a Difference

We can’t please everyone, and there are limitations to what software can do, but with Road XS, no idea is a silly one, because you never know what it might mean or connect to in improving the lives of your passengers, drivers or transport team.

Ready to Join the Future of Transport?

Software, technology and transport, are the future of running optimised services.

We believe no transport service can be run without the support of people and that’s why we’re not here to replace jobs, but to make them easier so you can keep on doing more.

Road XS is a cutting-edge software, built from the “cloud up”, with innovative features which are connecting communities and reducing social isolation.

Subscribe to Road XS today and take a step into the future so you can keep improving and staying ahead of the rest.

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