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Feb 18, 2024 | Product

We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking update to Road XS, setting a new standard in the transportation sector.

This innovative enhancement empowers operators of Dial Ride services to seamlessly transition to the latest technology that Road XS now offers. Distinguishing itself from traditional Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) models, Dial-a-Ride services are renowned for their personalised door-to-door pickups, offering a level of convenience and accessibility unmatched by conventional DRT services, which typically require passengers to travel to a designated virtual or physical bus stop.

The introduction of this update on Road XS marks a transformative moment, as it enables the integration of both DRT and Dial-a-Ride services into a single, cohesive operation.

This means that service providers can now offer a blended model that combines the efficiency of bus stop pickups with the personalised touch of door-to-door service, all within one platform. This revolutionary approach enhances operational flexibility and significantly improves the passenger experience, catering to a wider range of mobility needs and preferences.

Road XS is at the forefront of redefining mobility solutions, and with this update, we’re not just following the trends—we’re creating them. Whether you’re operating a DRT service or looking to incorporate door-to-door services, Road XS now makes it possible to elevate your offering, ensuring your services are more accessible, efficient, and tailored than ever before.

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Cutting Edge Demand Responsive Transport Technology Turning Hours into Seconds

Since 2018 we have been working on and improving our Dial a Ride software, building upon our Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) technology.  The future of transport was heading this way, and  Dial-a-Ride was one of the first versions of this new, modern form of transport, and it came from the community transport world.

What we noticed though, was that software available to community transport operators doesn’t automate the pickups like demand-responsive transport should.  The software available to operators still relied on manual intervention with local knowledge.

Now before someone says yes but we know the local area and we know what can be achieved, I don’t doubt that.  However, when you factor in rules such as:

  • ensuring passengers don’t travel for anything longer than x time (such as for no longer than 45 minutes),
  • calculating each passenger’s loading time,
  • traffic conditions,
  • making sure some passengers don’t arrive late for appointments,
  • vehicle size,
  • individual mobility requirements,
  • and more….

It all becomes incredibly complicated to calculate manually, and especially not doable in a fraction of a second.

For example, it only takes one cancellation for everything that’s been completed manually to have to be done all over again. With high demand, it’s an impossible task.

With a manual approach, or when using an out-of-date transport software which hasn’t invested in fully autonomous DRT technology, what happens is that efficiency is lost.  The throughput, or what’s known as the aggregation of passengers travelling on a vehicle falls. This means you cater for less passengers and your revenue drops, or funders see a decline in usage.

The technology available in Road XS stops this from happening.

Providing Flexibility to Operate Dial a Ride Your Way

Road XS allows operators to set their own rules and run your Dial-a-Ride services your way.  For example, you can set the maximum transport time for passengers, the available pickup windows, the operating hours and more.

Once the parameters are set, Road XS handles all the complicated calculations for you.  You see your journeys come to life in a realistic and stress-free manner.

You can also offer the option for passengers to book journeys via your call centre, or you can offer an innovative app linked to your services complete with SMS reminders or even just an online browser-based passenger portal.

It means you can integrate better into your passenger’s lives, and passengers can book journeys even when the office is closed but you can choose how you wish to handle your bookings.

Leading the Way: The Responsive Transport Software
drt software with road xs technology

Driver Portal and App with Pinpoint Navigation

Road XS comes with a driver portal which reacts in real time to passenger demand.  This means that if you have a cancellation the driver route is automatically updated on the day.  Equally, if you’re operating real-time dial-a-ride services then the route updates too to meet any new bookings, without disrupting the existing pickup windows.

Not only this, but the Road XS driver portal integrates with the driver’s favourite navigation apps such as Google Navigator, TomTom, Waze and others to ensure they use their familiar driving experience.  All the driver has to do is arrive at the passenger pickup location with our What3Words integration and drop them off safely.

With GPS tracking, you can keep an eye on where your vehicles are at all times and passengers receive their vehicle location updates too.  It means you no longer have to explain complicated directions, it’s all handled within the software with pinpoint precision.

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Automatic Fleet Management Made for Maximum Aggregation

Road XS has also developed automated vehicle optimisation (which you can enable or disable).  When enabled, as passengers book a journey, they are automatically allocated to the vehicle which is close to them and or, to ensure the vehicles are being used in the most efficient manner.  This means you don’t need to manually spend time allocating passengers to vehicles, the software works out the best permutations in a fraction of a second.

It’s a game-changer for the transport industry.  Road XS now offers transport operators and community transport providers cutting-edge technology which has never before been seen.

Dial-a-Ride services are complicated to run manually, but we always believed routes should be fully automated to be truly efficient.  Not only that, but the experience should be simple, user-friendly and clear to both passengers and drivers about what is happening per day.

Welcome to the future.

Discover Road XS Dial-a-Ride software here and experience the next generation of transport software.

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