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DRT software that adapts in real-time to passenger demand.

Road XS offers the most user-friendly DRT software and the power to dynamically adjust to changing passenger demands, ensuring a seamless and responsive transport experience for everyone.

With unparalleled ease, passengers can easily book themselves onto journeys and drivers can navigate to the passengers precise location using their favourite navigation apps.

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Reducing Congestion

DRT services connect people with where they need to be at their conveninence. This means journeys are booked and the service responds to them.  By grouping people together you reduce congestion on the roads along with the resulting polution too.

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Connecting Rural Communities

It can be difficult to switch on transport services in rural areas but DRT technology makes it possible. Running a fixed service is often inconvenient and inefficient, but running a service to demand means you can meet your communities unique demands.

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Door to Door with Virtual Bus Stops

You can provide a combination of services such as incorporating the traditional community transport approach of door to door pickups, but also operate virtual bus stops enabling passengers to meet where you are. This opens up a world of opportunity.

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Cutting Edge Technology

We provide the technology so you don’t have to.  All you need to do is provide the vehicles and drivers and you can turn on your services once you have defined your own set of rules.  It couldn’t be easier. Each day is unique as you meet changing demand.

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Run Demand Responsive Transport Your Way

We have developed the most user-friendly DRT software with real-time dynamic route planning, which helps you stay in control of your busy transport services. Passengers can be added and removed quickly with real-time route updates and automatically calculated pickup times, arrival times, transit time and vehicle capacity. Passengers can book via an app or via your own call centre, the choice is yours.

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Real-Time Route Updates

Watch journeys come to life with our real-time smart route technology built around a configurable algorithm to suit your services.

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Driver & Passenger Apps

Enable your drivers to navigate to each stop with real time updates and integrated navigation, plus a user friendly passenger booking app.

dial a ride alternative times

Automate Alternative Times

Offer passengers alternative times if you can’t quite fit them in for thier time requested, so that you can transport as many people as possible.

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Automatic Payments

Passengers can pay on the bus or via our passenger app to ensure they know exactly what they need to pay on the day to use your services.

notification reminder


Send your passengers automated notifications confirming their booking including their pickup windows and journey reminders on the day.

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Automatic Fleet Management

Use our vehicle optimisation technology to ensure your vehicles get as many people on board your vehicles as is physically possible.

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What is Demand Responsive Transport (DRT)?

Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), also known as Demand Responsive Transit or Demand-Responsive Service, is a flexible mode of public transportation that adapts to the travel demands of its users, unlike traditional public transport services that operate on fixed routes and schedules.

This innovative approach to mobility is designed to offer more efficient and tailored transportation solutions, especially in areas where conventional public transport systems may not be viable due to low demand or in rural and suburban areas where service coverage is limited.

Key characteristics of Demand Responsive Transport include:

  • Flexibility: DRT services do not follow a fixed route but instead route vehicles based on passenger requests, either to specific addresses or to designated pick-up and drop-off points within a certain area.
  • Booking and Scheduling: Passengers typically need to book their journeys in advance through a variety of channels such as phone, mobile app, or website. The service provider uses software to dynamically schedule and route vehicles, optimizing for factors such as travel time, vehicle capacity, and demand patterns.
  • Adaptive Service: The operation of DRT is highly responsive to user demand, with the number of vehicles in service, routes, and schedules adjusting to meet changing transportation needs. This adaptability makes it particularly suitable for off-peak hours, special events, or less densely populated areas.
  • Technology-driven: Many DRT services leverage advanced technologies for booking, dispatching, and routing. This often includes real-time tracking of vehicles, providing users with updates on vehicle arrival times and enabling efficient management of the fleet.
  • Cost-effective: For transit operators and municipalities, DRT can be a more cost-effective solution than traditional bus services in low-demand areas, as it optimizes the use of vehicles and reduces the number of empty or near-empty runs.
  • Inclusivity: DRT can enhance mobility for underserved populations, including seniors, people with disabilities, and those living in transit deserts, by providing more accessible and convenient transportation options.

DRT is part of a broader shift towards more personalised and flexible urban mobility solutions, sitting alongside other innovations such as ride-sharing, bike-sharing, and e-scooter services. As urban areas continue to evolve and seek sustainable transportation solutions, Demand Responsive Transport offers a promising approach to complement and enhance the existing public transport ecosystem.

drt software with road xs technology

Road XS: The Next Generation of Transport Software

Road XS offers cutting-edge software automates the entire process, from calculating realistic pickup windows and drop-off times to dynamically adjusting routes in real-time.

This automation guarantees that passengers experience minimal delays and unnecessary travel time, streamlining your operations and significantly saving hours each day for transport teams.

Road XS stands apart by revolutionising the approach to demand responsive transport services. We believe in treating individuals with the respect and consideration they deserve, moving beyond the impersonal “parcel” mindset that prevails in much of today’s transport software.

Our philosophy recognises the importance of minimising passengers’ time spent in transit, ensuring a journey that is not only efficient but also comfortable.

Road XS prioritises arrival times, ensuring that passengers reach their destinations promptly, whether for medical appointments or casual outings. By offering alternative travel times, we ensure flexibility and reliability, enabling passengers to make the most of their day without compromising on service quality.

Road XS is not just software; it’s a commitment to transforming DRT services into a seamless, stress-free experience for both passengers and providers alike.

Welcome to the future of responsive transport.

People Aren't Parcels

Automate your dial a ride and DRT services with passenger optimisation built in. Ensure your passengers get treated like people.

People Aren't Parcels

Automate your dial a ride and DRT services with passenger optimisation built in. Ensure your passengers get treated like people.

DRT Software Features

A quick summary of some of the features included:

Track your journeys in real time from anywhere

Track every journey with ease, complete with real-time visual mapping. Each route is optimised saving passenger costs and fuel. Journey routes automatically update when passengers are added or removed in real-time.

Driver portal with GPS tracking on the go

The driver portal works across desktop, mobile and tablet devices and even includes GPS tracking. Enable your drivers to allocate themselves to nearby journeys, maintain their records, navigate to their destinations, set availability and more, all at their convenience 24/7.

Pinpoint locations for enhanced accuracy

Using our pinpoint technology you can set your zones and virtual bus stops with ease. Passengers can use this information to walk to their pickup point and drivers can ensure they always know where they need to be.

What3Words integration

Road XS comes installed with What3Words fully integrated.  This means with GPS switched on you know the last known location of your vehicle and drivers.  This keeps passengers, drivers and crew safe whenever they’re using Road XS.

Automated invoicing with full transparency for passengers

Save time manually generating invoices to drivers, passengers and contracts. Road XS can automate the collection of admin fees and mileage for you and includes the option for online payments.

Complete route optimisation with smart route technology

Watch your journeys come to life with the instant route planner. Adding and removing passengers along with waypoints has never been easier, ensuring your passengers get to where they need to be on time and safely.

Real-time instant reporting with detailed insights

Road XS collects data in real-time. This assists you at meetings, improves communication and transparency with funders, enhances decisions and can even highlight bottlenecks in your transport services.

Demand Responsive Transport (DRT)

Run a full demand responsive dial a ride service and dial a ride service responding instantly to passenger demands. Automatically calculating transit times, passenger loading times, vehicle capacity and more, it is the only true automated DRT software.

Communicate easily with driver messaging

Make sure any conversations you have regarding journeys are kept secure and not communicated insecurely via e-mail. You can also send broadcast notifications to all, or a selection of drivers.

See how busy your drivers are allocating journeys fairly

Gain insight into how busy a driver is on a particular day when allocating a driver to a journey. This makes sure that not all the drivers are being allocated to journeys, leaving other drivers left in the cold. Make sure everyone’s involved.

Passenger booking portal

Road XS comes with a passenger portal enabling your passengers to book themselves onto journeys via our friendly chatbot technology. You can optionally choose to integrate our service with Whats App, Telegram and more.  This means passengers don’t have to call the office to book journeys and means you can operate a 24/7 service whilst reducing your admin work.

Keep your driver records up to date with reminders too

Retain accurate records and maintain your GDPR compliance with reminders and key data at your fingertips. This ensures your team has all the information to hand when dealing with any situation at any time of day.  Drivers with out of date records are automatically removed from potential journey look ups.

Grow your scheme with independent service areas

Break down your journeys into service areas so you can gain full control over who has access to which transport services. Use service areas to grow your organisation and services.

Road XS has more than 650 features

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We listen

We always listen to our end users requirements to ensure that we are providing a product that helps you.

Case Study

Red Cross

The Red Cross needed a transport platform that would enable them to grow at scale to kickstart their community transport services. Road XS provides them an integrated transport software meaning they can focus on growing their transport services.