Creepy Transport Stories That Will Freak You Out

Oct 25, 2023 | Stories

If you’re in the mood for some creepy transport stories then you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s a haunted bus, a haunted road, or an old abandoned underground bunker, these places have been known to give people the creeps.

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or something to make your skin crawl, these are the scary transport stories for you!  Here you will discover some more than slightly creepy driving at night stories that will keep your eyes fixed firmly on the road, along with a classic creepy bus story too linked to Harry Potter!  If you ever find yourself driving on your own at night, then this might not be the post for you.

You might think that it’s just hotels, old buildings and graveyards that creepy ghost stories originate from. It turns out this isn’t the case. There are so many ghosts and scary transport stories that will leave a shiver down your spine this Halloween.  After reading these you will not have any problem staying in this Halloween.  We’re not going to lie, some of these stories have definitely made us think twice about heading out to trick or treat this year too!

If you have any creepy stories, let others know in the comments section below this article.

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Creepy Transport Stories

There are countless creepy transport stories, but a few, in particular, stand out such as Dick Turpin at Heathrow, the “Devil’s” Highway and the Stockbridge Bypass.  We have curated some of these best stories for your enjoyment below.  if you thought creepy transport stories were boring, think again.

The Phantom Red Bus

phantom ghost bus

If you’ve seen the Harry Potter films, then you’ll know all about the Knight Bus.  But long before Harry Potter came along was the Phantom Bus of London. This red double-decker bus of route number 7 has been a Halloween story of legend since 1934.

According to the legend of this creepy bus story, the first sighting came when a driver met his demise late one night. From nowhere the red bus appeared in the middle of the road making the driver swerve to avoid hitting the bus, but straight on into a wall, killing him instantly. Witnesses later described seeing a ghostly red bus driving down the middle of the road, which they firmly believed caused the crash. However, the bus simply vanished and could not be seen nor found leaving many to doubt the witness claims on the night.

Many years followed, and several more sightings began to be reported too of this mysterious bus, backing up the original witness claims at the time.  This same red ghost bus would appear in Cambridge Gardens at exactly 1:15 am, with no driver and no passengers. It would career down the middle of the road, causing frightened motorists in its path to swerve, and crash.

The ghost bus hasn’t been sighted since 1990 and many believe that this is because the curved road leading up to the infamous intersection, was straightened, preventing the red double-decker bus from ever completing its journey.

Dick Turpin and Heathrow Airport

dick turpin ghost

Back in 1730, there was a famous highwayman called Dick Turpin. To say he didn’t have the best of morals would be an understatement. He would torture, steal and kill, taking with him everything he could grab. He was eventually caught and sentenced to death in 1739. Turpin took things into his own hands, by cheating the hangman by throwing himself from the gallows, and committing suicide.

We will never know the truth behind many of the stories surrounding the highwayman, but the way in which Dick Turpin’s death happened makes many uneasy around Halloween. The reason, is that along the A4 Bath Road near Heathrow airport, was where the infamous Dick Turpin lived. Here he would wait and rob the stagecoaches going to Bath from London. This area, long before the airport was built was known as “Heath Row”.

His spirit is said to still haunt the land. Reported sightings have been traced back to a time even before the airport was even constructed. People in recent times have reported sightings of a black stallion, a dark figure in period clothing and a tricorn hat standing in the main terminal. In the same area, many have claimed to have seen a spirit figure of a rider, sitting astride a black horse, dressed in a tunic and again a black tricorn hat. He is said to remain quite still, partly obscured by the trees.

Could this be Turpin’s nefarious spirit lying in wait for that unsuspecting stagecoach to pass by?…

The Most Haunted Roads

Driving in the dark can be scary enough but it seems some drivers have reason to be afraid. There are several spooky, haunted roads throughout the UK. We’ve all heard of haunted castles, hotels and now airports, but not many have considered that the roads themselves are haunted. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these stories will make you shiver…

Blue Bell Hill, Kent

dark night road

In the last few decades, there have been numerous sightings of ghostly figures standing in the road on Blue Bell Hill. The most-reported sighting has been that of Judith Langham who was a young bride to be, killed in a car collision on the day of her wedding on November 19th 1965. She was just 22. According to witness statements, she haunts the road wearing a white dress, startling drivers who believe they have hit or injured her. When they run out of the car to help, she was simply not there anymore…

Another driver reported that he had carried a woman with injuries to the side of the road, wrapping her in a blanket before calling the Police. When he returned with the Police, the blanket was there but the girl was nowhere to be found.

Some drivers in the area have reported seeing a woman standing by the side of the road. Some have even stopped, offering to give her a lift. The woman gets into the car and is driven to her destination, only for her to disappear just as they arrive.

The Old Aberbeeg Road Policeman, South Wales

pc hope

The A467 between Abertillery and Aberbeeg is home to several ghost stories and strange experiences. It is a lovely stretch of road overshadowed by trees. There are numerous creepy stories along this stretch of road, but the most famous of them is related to a true crime that was committed in the early 1900s involving the ghost of a local policeman, Hosea Pope.

At 11 pm on 14th July 1911, PC Pope attempted to detain a notorious rogue by the name of James Wise. He had been causing a lot of trouble by throwing stones. The two fought. Pope dropped to the ground and died. Reports later stated that he had died from heart failure. But suspicions ran thick and fast and the community were hugely sceptical. Wise escaped the death penalty but was given five years of penal servitude for manslaughter.

Since that fateful night, reports have come in thick and fast of people seeing PC Pope on his usual beat, wearing a cape and tall hat. One man has even claimed to have seen this figure walking towards him, staring him in the eye before taking a pocket watch out of his cape. Then, a high pitch scream echoed through the woods, making the figure slowly turn around and head into the woods. Despite being petrified, the man followed, only for the figure to disappear in front of him.

A666, ‘The Devil’s Highway’, Bolton

devils highway

This road shares the name of the Devil. Given the nature of this article, unsurprisingly several accidents have happened along this stretch of road.  They are reportedly caused by sightings of a hunched-over figure limping at the side of the road. In 2015, dashcam footage emerged revealing a white creature appearing out of nowhere on the deserted road. The video shows the figure slowly approaching the terrified driver while the passenger simply just cries for help.

Pitt Lane, Lancashire

pitt lane

Pitt Lane in Westhoughton, Lancashire, runs close to the site of the 1910 Pretoria pit tragedy. Out of the 900 miners who worked there, 344 miners were killed in an explosion deep within the mine. Many didn’t die from the explosion but suffocated, meaning some walked more than 300 yards before becoming overcome by the fumes. They were found as though they had gone to sleep.

Many motorists have reported many disturbing sightings along this road including dark sets of eyes staring at them as they were caught in traffic.  Motorists have also reported seeing slow-walking miners alongside cars, some even pulling coal wagons behind them.  The road attracts an eerie mist throughout the year, and sightings continue today…

M6 Motorway

roman sightings

Part of the M6 has existed for almost two thousand years. It was used by Roman soldiers during the Roman occupation of England in 55BC. Several motorists have reported seeing unusual sightings along the motorway, including seeing a ghostly woman waiting at the side of the road trying to hitchhike. The sightings have included seeing Roman soldiers marching across the road and some have even gone as far as stating that when they were waiting for roadside assistance, sets of eyes were looking back at them from behind the bushes as they moved along information.

Many believe the reason for the unusual sightings is because the M6 was built near an ancient Roman burial ground and that the building work “awoke their spirits”.

Stockbridge Bypass

ghost road most haunted road creepy transport

In 1988, a new road was built across the peak district of Northern England to help connect the M1 motorway with the Woodhead Pass and the A1616. Once building work started, reports of unusual occurrences began to surface, and the road soon became famous, not only for its paranormal activity but for being one of “the most haunted roads in the UK”.

Even before the road was completed stories began emerging. According to reports, during the time when this road was under construction, two security guards reported witnessing children in old fashioned clothing dancing near the construction site. The guards were shocked at first because it was not safe, but when they approached the children, they disappeared, along with the footprints they left behind…

There used to be a mine that ran underneath where the bypass has been built. There are many mine chutes across the land and local children playing in the area used to fall down them, their bodies never to be found. It is said that their spirits stay by the bypass. If you look across the fields, you can sometimes see them playing, sometimes appearing in the middle of the road causing countless accidents…

But this isn’t all that happened here. According to the security guard’s account, they also came face-to-face with a ghostly monk too. What makes this even more creepy is that the land is said to also be the final resting place of a monk who rejected his religion and was buried in unhallowed ground. Drivers today, say they often see a monk standing by the side of the road as they pass by.

Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, you can’t ignore the numbers.  Statistics show a high accident rate on this road, with 14 fatally killed in the first 10 years, many caused because they had to swerve to avoid a child on the road…

London Underground

Transport for London over the years has encountered many terrified passengers with countless reported claims of paranormal activity. Passengers have seen, heard and experienced things that they just can’t explain.  It’s left them terrified. Some believe there are all explanations to all their stories, but if you dig a little deeper, it’s clear all might not be as logical or straightforward as it seems.

Whilst building the London Underground, workers would often accidentally unearth several mass burial sites. The tube system does indeed pass through many burial grounds and plague pits. If you use the tube, we’d recommend stopping reading right about now…

Bethnal Green Station


During World War II, Bethnal Green was used as an air-raid shelter as it was one of the few deep-level tunnels in the East End. It saved many lives, but the station itself became the site of the tragedy.

On March 3, 1943, a human stampede caused by a sudden panic from hearing a nearby anti-aircraft battery firing, caused a horrific crush. 173 people died from asphyxiation and this disaster became known as the “deadliest civilian incident of World War Two.”

Continuing today, staff at Bethnal Green claim that they often experience paranormal activity during their night shifts. Reports have even included hearing children sobbing and hearing screams of male and female voices.  They also report noises that could not be identified. Then, once 10 minutes have passed, everything goes quiet.

Bank Station

bank station

The Black Nun is said to haunt this station, bringing feelings of despondency, and apprehension and with her the sounds of moans and wails. The Black Nun is said to be the spirit of the mourning woman, Sarah Whitehead.

Her brother worked many years ago at the Bank of England, and he was hung for committing forgery. Following his death, it was reported that Sarah Whitehead would often visit the bank in a long black dress and matching full-face veil, asking for her brother. When she died, her remains were interred in a plot behind the Bank of England.

However, there is another event that makes Bank Station one of the creepiest to travel through. Bank Station itself is built upon an old plague pit. Some believe, that this is why additional spirits also haunt its underground tunnels alongside the Black Nun which is why the station just has that eerie and creepy feeling that something just isn’t right.

Liverpool Street Station

liverpool street station ghost

Liverpool Street Station was also built upon a plague pit.  The station has been host to a lot of paranormal activity, some of which has been caught on film. There is apparently a frequent ghostly visitor to parts of the station, often the eastbound central line platform during closing time. There have also been strange figures caught on CCTV cameras in the dead of night. Staff have even talked of a man in overalls waiting for a train that never comes. When staff approach him, he disappears.  We wouldn’t recommend walking around here late at night alone!

Thanks to these creepy transport stories the team at Road XS have now all decided we will only travel during daylight hours. When you dig a little deeper online, some of the stories just get even more creepy.  If you have any creepy transport stories you’d like to add to the list get in touch.  We would like to wish you all a very Happy and safe, Halloween!  We’ll get back to creating virtual ghosts now and share some of these stories with a pumpkin-spiced latte.

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