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Jun 19, 2018 | Community Transport

Just image this…

You woke up tomorrow to find all your funding has been cut immediately.  Do you know what you would do?  Would this be the end for you or would you think around the problem and come out the other side ‘stronger’ as some might say?  I suppose you will never know until you face that position and let’s hope you never do!

We got to thinking this week though as to whether providers had ever considered whether if their funding was removed, could they continue?  Then we got thinking what if we made it so that Road XS allowed you to!

Sometimes we have to put ourselves in your shoes and that worst-case horror scenario to start planning potential future problems within community transport.  With the policitcal blockbuster of Brexit playing out everyday in the news it’s hard to completely fathom what the future of community transport might shape up to be.  One thing is for sure, demand for community transport is only going to be increasing!  The UK’s population is projected to be above 74million by 2039!  We’re also an aging population.

One of your biggest assets in doing more with less is the adoption of technology.  The key ingredient being software.  Software allows you to standardise processes so that tasks can be performed to a high level of proficiency and legally, day in day out.  When someone goes off sick or can’t make it in, you simply login and carry on.  It’s the silent friend holding you up.  But software costs loads right?  Yes it does – especially if you go down the bespoke route.  But Road XS is a Software as a Service, meaning you pay for a service and our pricing model means you pay for what you use.  This model means if you are a large provider or a small one, you can make Road XS work for you.  You also get on-going updates and support with no technological overheads and all secuirty built in to the latest GDPR standards and above.

How Community Transport Connects Communities

With the latest automated invoicing module built into Road XS you can now automate collection of admin fees and invoicing of clients in an instant, then track and collect the money.  Payments can also be taken online.  This is a key step, as with this financial information you can keep tabs on money outstanding and what it truly costs to run your services.  We don’t advocate this, but you could in theory run Road XS from anywhere with routed phone calls saving yourself the need for an office and saving yourself a major overhead in the process.  Again … thinking worst case scenarios.

The pricing model for Road XS also means you can off-set some cost to the passenger, especially as there is no up-front fee or high training costs with Road XS.  If for example you increased your admin fee by 25p you’re actually covering your costs on the Pay as you Go model.  This means you get cutting edge software that provides you a platform to operate as efficiently as possible when your back is against the wall.

When you focus on the worst case scenario, it helps look at funding in a whole new light and as a bonus!  With an ever unclear Britain beyond March 2019, rest assured there is always a way out of a problem should one arise.

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