Finding the Nearest Available Driver

Feb 2, 2024 | Product

Road XS offers many helpful features.  One of the most popular is finding the nearest available driver.  This article explores our innovative feature, why it’s important in saving passengers’ money and the role it plays for transport and community transport providers in their day-to-day activities.

Key Benefit
By using the “nearest available driver” feature in Road XS, you not only save hours of valuable time each week but also cut costs for your passengers and reduce driver fuel costs.

What is the Nearest Available Driver Feature?

driver lookup road xsUnlike other transport software, which relies upon postcode areas and addresses for passenger and driver locations or out-of-date mapping software, Road XS goes further and pinpoints passengers, drivers and locations on a map using the latest mapping directly from Google.

Using our fully integrated What3Words capability, you can also pinpoint locations such as drop-off points, entrances, hospital locations, and more. We even offer the ability to virtually walk outside any Road XS location using Google street walk.

This is helpful for drivers who might not have visited a location before.  By pinpointing locations, you improve passengers’ and drivers’ safety and security. In the event of an accident, the GPS tracking keeps everyone safe and in communication with the main office.


Why Finding the Nearest Available Driver Matters

By pinpointing the nearest available drivers and vehicles for a journey, you are doing several things that benefit your transport services and passengers.  These include:

  • Saving your passengers money for “dead miles”
  • Reducing transport costs by reducing driver fuel costs
  • Ensuring the right vehicle shows up for the job (not a smart car for a wheelchair)
  • Keeping your drivers happy by not ringing them when unavailable or doing journeys which are too far for them
  • Only working with drivers who have their records up to date
  • Ensuring drivers are getting a fair share of journeys automatically
  • Allowing drivers to work when they want to

With Road XS technology behind you, not only can you achieve greater accuracy, but you can also involve more drivers from your community. It also removes county borders from the lookup equation, meaning your volunteer drivers can complete more journeys (which is especially helpful if you only have a small team of them).

The nearest available driver feature allows Road XS users to press a button, and all local, available drivers in the local vicinity of the passenger will show up.  This includes showing how far away they are from the passenger’s location and how busy the drivers are during the day.  We also provide accurate mileage estimates, saving transport operators time every day by ringing drivers who would be busy or already making other journeys.  With Road XS, you are presented immediately with a list of real-time, available drivers for the passenger’s journey, the nearest available showing at the top of the list.

Road XS gives you the information you need to see right when you need it.

Personalising Drivers to Passenger Requirements

personalised passenger experience

Most transport providers have more than one driver available. If you run a community car scheme, you could even have hundreds. Each of these drivers will likely be volunteering their time to support their local community. This means they are not available all day every day, but at times that are convenient to them. They will also drive vehicles suitable for some passengers and not others.

That’s why we check the vehicle’s mobility requirements as part of the driver lookup process.  It’s useless for a passenger with a wheelchair to have a driver with a Smart Car show up for their journey; the wheelchair just wouldn’t fit in the vehicle (OK, maybe with difficulty!).

Equally, if a passenger or driver has had a falling out or a passenger has had an unpleasant experience with a driver, they can be blocked from providing future journeys.  This prevents those awkward conversations, too!  With Road XS, the driver wouldn’t show up on the list again for any of their future journeys.

Personalising the Journey Experience for Drivers

Whilst Road XS will find the nearest available driver to the passenger, it can also tailor the experience for your volunteer drivers too.  Each of your drivers, via the Road XS driver portal, can set how far they wish to drive.

Driver Portal

Drivers can quickly and easily set their availability, too.  This means drivers won’t show up for journeys where mileage exceeds their maximum travel distance or when doing something else that morning or afternoon.  Drivers can also turn on their own do not disturb mode so that transport teams don’t accidentally contact them while on holiday or in another time zone.

Meeting Safety Requirements

road xs driver checks

If you transport children and vulnerable adults, it’s important that all your drivers have been checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). The DBS helps employers and organisations make safer recruitment decisions each year by processing and issuing DBS checks.

It is also important that your drivers have a valid driving licence, MOT and more.  Road XS is integrated with the DVLA so you can even perform a quick MOT lookup on the vehicle too.

This is all performed as part of the driver lookup process in Road XS to ensure you exceed the minimum safety and standards requirements for your services.  Reminders and prompts are also sent for when records are coming up to expiry, and your transport team (and assigned admins) have control of maintaining these records so that you can process records professionally.

All of this happens in a matter of seconds on your behalf.

The Nearest Available Driver Feature Saves Time and Money for Everyone

In using the nearest available driver feature in Road XS, you are saving yourself hours each week (and weeks each year) on what would have been making pointless calls to unavailable or inappropriate drivers and saving your passengers’ money.

For every mile Road XS saves a passenger, that’s money your passengers can put aside for future journeys or activities they wish to get involved in.

Whilst some passengers will have their favourite drivers, the nearest available driver feature ensures that all your drivers are included.  This keeps everyone in your driver pool happy and more actively engaged in your community.  A win-win for community transport providers.

At a time when every mile counts, any reduction in fares and fees provides a greater level of service to your passengers.

Imagine not needing to estimate how things would cost and just being able to provide accurate and clear communication with your passengers.

Reducing manual workload also frees up your transport team to work on other projects at the organisation relating to transport. Using the driver portal, you can even have your drivers perform some of the work.  This means you can do more journeys with less effort and provide a better, personalised service.


The nearest available driver feature is one of the cornerstone features of Road XS.  The smooth lookup process and easy on-eye design set the software apart from others in the sector.  Not only is it a time-saving and safety-conscious feature, but it also aligns with our purpose of providing your passengers with the most personalised and friendly service possible.

Our technology enables transport and community transport providers to operate confidently, increase and maintain safety standards, reduce transport costs to their passengers, and reduce wear and tear on driver vehicles.

If you would like to learn more about how this feature can benefit your services, then please don’t hesitate to book a demo or get in touch with us.

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