Why We Prioritise Software Innovation Over Expensive Sales Teams

May 14, 2024 | Product

In today’s competitive landscape, software companies often face a critical choice: invest heavily in sales and marketing or focus resources on product development and user satisfaction.

Road XS, now a leading transport software provider, opted for the latter approach, channelling its investments into refining its software rather than building costly sales teams.

Our approach significantly benefits all of our users, ensuring that Road XS accurately reflects our customers’ needs today and tomorrow.

The Traditional Model: Sales-Driven Growth

sales targets cut innovation

Many software companies rely on substantial sales and marketing budgets to drive growth and recognition. This model emphasises aggressive sales tactics, extensive marketing campaigns, and a large team of sales professionals.

While this approach can rapidly increase visibility and market penetration, it often comes at the expense of product innovation and customer satisfaction.

The focus shifts from creating the best product to meeting sales targets and maintaining market presence.

In reality, you get the software and install it, pay for expensive training because it is outdated and difficult to use, and nothing changes throughout the product’s lifetime.

If you mention you’re leaving or looking at someone else’s software, you might suddenly see a flurry of action, or, out of nowhere, they’ll cut the software cost to keep you with them.

They will hold you back, not push you forward into the future.

You’ll receive no innovation; you and your transport services become just a tick in the box for the sales team and a number on a spreadsheet for a company’s bottom line.

You suffer, as do your passengers, who incur higher transport costs due to a lack of optimisation and enthusiasm for updating the software product.

The Road XS Approach: End-User-Focused Development

road xs user focused approach

Road XS has taken a different path. By prioritising investment in software development and the end-user experience, Road XS ensures that the software product is continuously improved based on real user feedback.

This user-centric approach has several key advantages:

Real-World Benefits for Users

The commitment to user-centric development at Road XS translates into tangible benefits for its users.

Here are a few examples of how this strategy directly impacts the user experience:


The Road XS decision to invest in software development over expensive sales teams highlights a commitment to user satisfaction and product excellence.  If you’re currently using transport software, ask yourself:

  • How often have you received any updates or new features?
  • How often have you heard or spoken to the person who sold you the software since you started using it?
  • How easy is it to ask for help?

The reality is that the personnel changes for many software companies, and there is no consistency.  At Road XS, we’ll be with you from the start.

We focus on what truly matters – the needs and feedback of its users.

Road XS is a transport software that delivers real value and innovative solutions no sales team can deliver.

If operating from a secure, modern and user-friendly transport software that saves time and money and evolves and adapts to your organisation is important to you, then your search ends here.

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