Enhancing Connectivity with Road XS Service Areas

Jun 12, 2024 | Product

Road XS delivers an innovative solution to streamline and expand transportation services through its Service Areas feature. This cloud-based platform allows organisations to consolidate multiple transport services under one system, covering wide geographic regions, from local communities to entire counties.

Key functionalities include:

  • Integrated Services: Manage various transport services (e.g., DRT, community car schemes) seamlessly in one place.
  • Customisable Operations: Tailor service areas with specific controls and colours for easy identification.
  • Partitioned Data Access: Ensure data security and privacy by restricting access to relevant users only.
  • Community Integration: Enable community groups and medical centres to book journeys easily, enhancing local connectivity.

Road XS offers detailed, real-time reporting, making managing and growing transport services more easily. For a comprehensive demonstration, book a demo to explore how Road XS can revolutionise your transport operations.

Road XS stands out with its comprehensive Service Areas feature. This module allows transportation organisations to manage and optimise operations across extensive geographic regions, ensuring efficient service delivery and enhanced user experience.

Key Benefits and Features

Here are some of the key benefits of using service areas in Road XS:

Centralised Management

Road XS brings various transport services under one unified system. Whether demand-responsive transport (DRT), community car schemes, or other local transportation services, everything can be managed from a single platform. This integration simplifies operations and enhances coordination among different services.

Customisable Service Areas

Organisations can define specific service areas, assigning distinct controls and colour codes for easy identification. This feature helps organise services better and allows for quick visual recognition, improving administrative efficiency.

Enhanced Data Security

With partitioned data access, only authorised users can view and manage information pertinent to their designated service areas. This ensures data security and privacy, crucial for maintaining trust and compliance with regulations.

Community Engagement

Road XS facilitates better community integration by allowing community groups, medical centres, and other local entities to book transport services seamlessly. This feature promotes accessibility and supports the needs of various community members, fostering stronger community ties.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

The platform provides detailed, real-time reporting capabilities. Managers can access comprehensive data analytics to monitor performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions to improve service delivery and expand their reach.  Each report can be broken down into service areas so you can see the big picture or the high-level data for one area or zone.


Whether serving a small community or an entire county, Road XS is scalable to meet the needs of different-sized operations. This flexibility makes it a valuable tool for small and large transportation networks.

Implementation and Support

Adopting Road XS is straightforward, with dedicated support available to ensure a smooth transition. The platform’s user-friendly interface and robust features make it an ideal choice for organisations looking to enhance their transportation services.

Service Areas

Road XS is a game-changer if you want to improve operational efficiency, enhance service delivery, and provide better community support.

Transform your transportation services today with Road XS – where innovation meets efficiency.

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