Transform Your Transport: 10 Signs You Need Road XS Now

Sep 23, 2023 | Product

Managing transportation efficiently is critical for both small community groups and large organisations. If you’re facing the challenges listed below, consider using transport software such as Road XS.

Here are 10 clear signs that indicate you need to start using Road XS immediately.

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1. You Currently Operate from Paper or Spreadsheets

Relying on paper or spreadsheets might seem effective, but what happens if a crucial piece of paper is lost or a data cell is accidentally deleted? This outdated system risks the security of passenger information and compliance with GDPR requirements. Plus, maintaining and updating this information is time-consuming and prone to errors.

2. You Aren’t Sure Who Has Paid

Tracking payments manually can be a nightmare. If invoicing requires constant checking across various systems to see if passengers or drivers have paid, you’re wasting valuable time. Generating invoices manually is tedious and prone to mistakes, making it difficult to sustain your services financially.

3. You Create All Your Reports Manually

Manual report creation to satisfy funders and backers can take hours and might still be inaccurate. Without automated reporting, you lack comprehensive insights into your service usage, making it harder to improve and expand.

4. You Are Unable to Adapt Quickly

Transport operations need to be flexible. You need to update your schedules quickly when circumstances change—such as journey cancellations, appointment alterations, or vehicle breakdowns. Road XS allows you to make these changes within 30 seconds, ensuring seamless operations.

5. You Have No Real-Time Daily Schedule or Driver Availability

Managing your daily operations becomes chaotic without a real-time schedule and instant knowledge of driver availability. Road XS provides a reactive, real-time schedule, helping you efficiently manage your fleet and drivers.

6. You Can’t Maintain Your Data Easily

Updating passenger or driver information should be quick and straightforward. If your current system makes it difficult to update changes instantly, your data becomes outdated, leading to potential service issues.  Perhaps you receive no automatic reminders of when driver licensing, MOTs and DBS checks need renewing.

7. You Have No Mileage Calculators

A continuous mileage count is essential for monitoring how many miles your passengers and drivers have travelled. Without this, you can’t accurately inform volunteer drivers of their travelled miles, potentially causing issues with HMRC mileage and payment allowances.

8. You Feel Stressed and Out of Control

Do you often feel overwhelmed by paperwork or struggle to manage operations from multiple offices? This lack of control and inefficient workflow can be mitigated with Road XS, providing a structured and streamlined approach to your transport management.

9. You Have to Find Your Drivers Manually

Spending excessive time on the phone to locate available drivers is inefficient. Road XS speeds up this process, checking all drivers in seconds to provide you with a list of the nearest available drivers.  This allows you to focus on more important tasks. Additionally, it provides an audit trail of driver contacts, saving time and avoiding redundancy.

10. You Can’t Pick Up Where Someone Left Off

If a staff member is absent, accessing their admin notes or specific passenger needs can be challenging. Road XS enables seamless transitions by providing comprehensive access to all necessary information, ensuring continuity in service.

Finding the Nearest Available Driver

Why Choose Road XS?

Road XS is a comprehensive solution designed to address the unique challenges of community transport services and fleet management. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Road XS is intuitive and easy to use, ensuring quick adoption by your team.
  • Customisable Features: Tailor the software with customizable features to meet your needs.
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed with real-time updates on ride status, driver availability, and vehicle location.
  • Enhanced Communication: Integrated messaging and notifications will improve communication between dispatchers, drivers, and passengers.
  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from dedicated customer support that assists you every step of the way.


Do you recognise any of these signs in your operations? It’s time to implement Road XS. Automating and optimising your transport management can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better service to your passengers.

Don’t wait for problems to escalate—start experiencing the benefits of Road XS today.

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